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January 2021. Surrey. Lockdown.

January 2021. Surrey. Lockdown. It’s a strange one. Veganuary, Dry January. New Years resolutions. All these things seem a little pointless right now. January is always a tough month. It’s cold, it’s dark, we all spent too much money at Christmas, the wait for pay day seems interminable….

My sons birthday is on the 29th. Obviously didn’t plan that one very well……I can’t moan about it being a rubbish month in front of him, that’s for sure. So on we plod. One day at a time. My coping mechanism is to try not to think more than a few days ahead. So definitely no Veganuary here. This is a time for comfort food! Dry January? I’m not drinking for 4 days out of 7… I guess I am pretty “dry”……

But as I write this, February is within touching distance! Pay day is almost here, the days are getting longer and there is snow on the ground. I am feeling optimistic! Plus, I just found a hidden stash of chocolate. Win win.

Come on February lets ‘ave ya!

So what have the Magpies been up to this month? Well, in-between home-schooling/dog walking/running the home canteen we have been sourcing some fabulous new items. We are especially excited about our new range of water bottles. We think that you are going to love them. Watch this space……

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