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How do you use heatless curlers and do they really work?

We like to keep up with the latest teen trends. So we are very excited to be stocking these heatless curler sets from Californian company Kit-sch. Have you tried heatless curlers? What is all the fuss about?

Well let us explain....

Having seen this new trend on TikTok and wondering if they really do work, our teen girls have tried these for themselves and are hooked! Having previously spent many nights sleeping with hair in plaits or standard curlers in order to try and get a curl in the morning, we have discovered that these heatless curlers are the answer! These are not only quick to apply but you can sleep in them comfortably and wake up with gorgeous curls even if you have really straight hair. They are the perfect present for any teen girl.

Tip #1 - No fancy equipment required!

Simply attach the satin roller to your hair at the top using a clip

Tip #2 - Divide the hair in to 2 sections

And by that we mean left and right. Its that simple.

Tip #3 - Wrap one section around one side of the curler nice and tightly

Secure with the matching scrunchie at the bottom to hold it in place, then follow this with the other side....

Tip #4 - Damp hair works best

Worth doing this if you have washed your hair and its almost dry but NOT wet!

Tip #5 - Sweet dreams and no worrying if you left your heated curlers on!

Now simply sleep in these curlers. They are satin soft so sleeping in them is perfectly safe and also comfortable!

Don’t Forget to Add a Closing Statement

Whats not to love? Give it a go yourself. The perfect present for any teen and under £20 too! Buy Now, Click Here, and let us know what you think! #giftsforteengirls #giftsforgirls #keepingupwiththetrends #heatlesscurlingset #downwiththekids

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