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Leaving School 2021....

It's been a tricky year for those leaving school/college/uni this year, be it year 6, 12 or 6th form. Its not been ideal. With things getting back to normal but not quite there yet we do hope that they get the send off that they deserve. We have some fantastic gift ideas for those school leavers or even just to show someone that you care. Have a look on our website under graduation gifts

I found a list of the top 100 things secondary children believe that every child before the age of 16 should have done at school and just had to share it with you. Brings back memories for all of us.....!!! Enjoy reading and have a fantastic summer xxx Fall asleep in class Fall off a chair because you were rocking back on it Gain the ability to live on your own Have your teacher contact home with positive news Learn how to be good at interviews Learn how to look after someone or something Try school dinners Be hit in the face by a ball Be proud of some work that you’ve done Throw an old pen in the bin from across the room – and get it in Kick a ball over the fence Learn how to save money Be told to tuck your shirt in, tuck it in, and then walk around the corner and untuck it Forge your parent’s signature in your planner at least once Wear PE kit from the lost property bin Give a speech to an audience Be told how to buy a house Look after a fake baby for a week Learn how to do CPR Get to a cake sale while there are still cakes left Win something Lose something Learn to trust/be trusted Learn about taxes Lead a group of people Take part in community outreach work Learn how to cope with anxiety and stress about exams Learn how to look after yourself Learn what to do if you are in debt Spend your dinner money on sweets before school Dress up for World Book Day Wear uniform on non-uniform day Run a charity event Learn how to love yourself Have your phone go off in a lesson Learn the staff wi-fi code Experience disappointment Learn from your mistakes Educate a teacher on new social trends and terms Dissect something in science Get a part-time paid job Draw on your friend's book Experience loyalty from a friend Take part in a school production Visit an old people's home Forget to do homework Have a school romance Experience the need to be resilient Listen to music in lessons Break something and deny all knowledge Go with your parents to parents’ evening Talk to someone new Find a hobby you are passionate about Mix with pupils from other schools Push a pull door Visit the school nurse Rename British Bulldog because it's banned Go on work experience Have a favourite teacher Get a selfie with your favourite teacher Know when it’s important to tell a teacher something − and that it isn’t landing your friend in it, but helping them Own up to a mistake you’ve made Have a water fight Try a new look Get a detention Be in a band Experience different cultures Call the teacher "mum" or "dad" Learn when not to speak Put your hand up in class… and get something right Get a grade you're proud of Be given responsibility Try new sports Stand up for someone Stand up for yourself Go to the end-of-year prom Go to a national sporting event Have an embarrassing school photograph Vote in a school election Be in a class with none of your friends Represent the school in an activity – academic or sporting Laugh out loud in a quiet class Do a tour around the school for a visitor Have a piece of work on display Walk into the wrong class Have the class go silent just as you say something embarrassing Be more confident and talk to those who have different views Fall or trip in front of everyone Be a role model for younger students Make a best friend for life Do homework during break or lunch for the next lesson Take a risk Take part in after-school activities Partake in a moment of bravery Get annoyed with a friend but remain friends Draw a self-portrait Watch a film in class Fall out with a friend Have a mini heartbreak over "the one" Say sorry to someone you hurt

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