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In need of soothing your space this season? Pop your favourite fragranced wax melt in the top of our celestial wax burner and let your home be filled with calming aromas.

Made of ceramic, this cylinder wax burner is painted in a navy shade before being embellished with gold symbols and motifs. Including constellations, stars, flowers and hearts, the wax burner is complete with a basin and an arched opening at the base. Place a lit tealight in the base and wait for it to slowly melt your chosen wax melt. Or, mix a few drops of fragrance oil along with some water to release a fragrance you're bound to adore. 

Perfect for use throughout the cooler months, this home accessory brings the sweetest warming glow to your room. Gift this piece to a lover of home fragrance to keep the winter blues at bay. 

Please place your wax melt burner on a heatproof surface at all times and wait for the burner and any wax or oil to completely cool before touching. 

Dimensions: width 10cm x height 12cm

Blue Starry Night Wax Burner